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We bought the house in 1986 when it was a duplex.  We think it was converted from a single family home into a duplex in the 1920's with the parents living in one side and the grandparents the other.  We lived in the south half of the house at first and began a process to convert the house back to a single family home.  After about a year the first renovation was to gut and redo the second floor, front bathroom.  We also added the back stairs from the second floor to the third floor and converted what was raw space on the third floor into a bedroom and full bath.

Later we tore off the old back porch, which was divided into two parts and included a garage where the mud room is now.  We put in a new foundation and rebuilt the new 2 half baths, mudroom and full length back porch.

In 1994 we started the main renovation of the rest of the interior of the house. To more fully appreciate the level of renovation I have included the following videos.  They are all less than 3 minutes in length but if you only have time for one try Part 1 or Part 2 to see how far we came!

Part 1 Demolition

Part 2  New stairs and beams

Part 3 New back wall and front door

Part 4 New second floor ceiling structures and "country kitchen"

Part 5 Finished at last!


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